Employments, education and languages


Februari 2017 –

Project Manager, The Law as a Tool for social Change, Independent Living Institute

August 2016 – January 2017

Communication, The Law as a Tool for social Change, Independent Living Institute

October 2013 – October 2016

Project Maganer, FOU nu Research and Development, Stockholm County Counci

May 2015 – July 2016

Communication, The unspoken between Parents and Children with Disability, Swedish Disability Rights Federation

September 2014 – April 2015

Health care politics, Swedish Disability Rights Federation

September 2011 – June 2014

Right support for work, Swedish Disability Rights Federation

April 2008 – June 2011

research developer, Project From research object to research partner, Swedish Disability Federation

Mars 2007 – Mars 2008

interviewer, Access-project from Culture Council, at Association for Disability History

Januari 2007 – Januari 2009

responsable for media analysis project, Project MediAbility, Swedish Disability Federation

2005 – 2008

study-circle leader, Educational Association for Adults (creative writing, anthropology, philosophy and history)

Februari 2004 – December 2006

policy officer, Project Adult Education for all, Swedish Disability Federation

Mars 2003 – Januari 2004

opinion editor, News Agency Ikapp

Oktober 2001 – Januari 2004

information officer, Project Support for immigrants with disability, Swedish Disability Federation

August – October 2001

officer for Latin America, SHIA The Swedish Disability Movement´s Development Agency

Januari 2000 – augusti 2001

journalist, the journal Latinamerika, UBV – nowadays Latin America Groups of Sweden

assisting international partner, National Assembly for Human Rights in Bolivia,

Februari 1998 – June 1999

information officer (and for a period editor), Swedish Association for Visually Impaired Youth



Exam: Folk high school teacher, University of Linköping


Spanish and Preparatory courses for development workers, Sida


Exam: Journalist, University of Stockholm

1995 – 2010

Several courses such as: Cultural anthropology, Disability and World view (2002), Medical anthropology (2005), Diagnosis and Identity (2010) and languages.


Master of Religious studies, University of Uppsala


Written and spoken: Swedisk, English and Spanish


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